Saturday, 1 March 2008

small, pythonic lisp

Grab it here.

It's < 256 LOC toy lisp. Nothing super-fancy. If you don't count unit tests and Guido's it's even < 128 LOC.

It's quite pythonic. When you write eval in LISP it's just a big cond. It translates directly to if/elif/elif/... which doesn't look good. I used dict of functions instead, which looks better in my eyes. Uses as many Python features as possible. Python functions, python lists. etc.

Talking about Python and lisp lists:

class slist(object):
class iterator(object):
def __init__(self, lst):
self.lst = lst
def next(self):
if self.lst:
result =
self.lst = self.lst.cdr
return result
else: raise StopIteration

def __iter__(self):
return slist.iterator(self)

def __init__(self, a, b=None): = a
self.cdr = b

def __str__(self):
return '(%s)' % ' '.join(str(elem) for elem in self)

list_123 = slist(1, slist(2, slist(3)))
a, b, c = list_123

Yes, this is just a linked list, not a true scheme cons, since it doesn't support improper lists, I posted it just to show how Python iterators are neat.

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